Litmill Material Handling provides high—end, solution—based managed services to its clients.  With the extensive experience in manufacturing system design and engineering and manufacturing, we actively manage and working with client team from the start of the planning stage.

Using CAD data we engineer material handling systems for specific components and assemblies, which efficiently may be transported to the point of use. As per customer request we may develop a prototype manufacture it and test up to the client approval prior to the start of volume manufacture.


Litmill will deliver coordinated, efficient program by using Global Product Development System practice and industry standards.  Our team will directly collaborate with customers engineers to ensure the timetables, the scope and other requirements are clear and fixed. The company will also experience in supporting production flow and will take regular plant visits to understand issues and implement the successful operation of racks fleet.


Litmill may with the Autocad & Factory Cad may provide complete design service within 15 years of experience in the material handling sector.  Using components and assemblies CAD data we develop handling systems with the optimum design and manufacture racks.   Also the optimizing number of parts can be carried in one rack, calculating the material flow by the required delivery quantity, delivery frequency, and incorporating ergonomic  folding empty racks for easier transportation and storage of full and empty racks.

Looking for a design and project manager for you next material handling sollution?