Litmill Handling by using innovative design solutions and low cost manufacture provides cost effective solutions for logistical requirements inside the factory workshop, and between the few manufacturing workshops, inbetween purchaser- supplier.

We will calculate  logistic flow by quantity, frequency and other important parameters and may provide management overall complete project including the design by using CAD systems, incorporating your component data, then manufacture and test prototypes and manufacture volume production on the next step.  All our manufactured racks can be provided on lease or rental options as well as we can provide product lifelong full maintenance.

Litmill will detailed investigate logistic flow and route, other plant parameters, safety and ergonomick, as well as rack utilization, truck utilization loading and unloading, full and empty rack storage and return flow. Other in plant solutions could be utilized handling sollutions, power trains, chasis components as well as real time management solutions.

special steel rack which can include wood, vacuum formed trays, textile or profiled foam, to be ensured that your products arrives at its destination in an unmarked condition.

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